International Perspectives on Space Sustainability from Africa, Asia, and Latin America

When: Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Where: 1779 Massachusetts Ave., NW, Washington DC 20036

This event took place from 9am-11am.

The Secure World Foundation is pleased to host a panel on space sustainability that encompasses perspectives from many of the major space stakeholders whose viewpoints are not often heard in the Beltway.


Dr. Abiodun Adigun, African Space Foundation  Presentation

Amb. Ciro Arevalo,  Chairman of the International Astronautical Federation's Regional Group for Latin America and the Caribbean   Presentation

Dr. Sergio Camacho, Regional Center for Space Science and Technology Education for Latin America and the Caribbean (CRECTEALC)

Dr. Fan Yonggang, Institute of Policy and Management, Chinese Academy of Sciences   Presentation

Wing Cmdr Ajey Lele, Institute for Defense Studies and Analyses   Presentation

Prof. Li Bin, Beihang University  Presentation

Dr. Rajeswari Pillai Rajagopalan, Observer Research Foundation   Presentation

Dr. Kazuto Suzuki, Hokkaido University   Presentation

Moderator: Dr. Scott Pace, Space Policy Institute, George Washington University


Read a summary of the event at Flightglobal.

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